Information for tax-exempt customers

We are required by law to collect and remit applicable sales tax in certain U.S. states. However, we are able to add tax-exempt status to your account if all necessary documentation is on file with us.

To apply for tax-exempt status on our website, please:

  1. Create an account at:
  2. Contact us via chat or email with the following information:
    • Name of primary purchaser
    • Email address (used to create an account in Step 1)
    • Company/Organization Name
    • Organization type (as reported to the IRS)
    • Full organization street address
    • Official state-issued exemption certificate (federal certificate¬†not accepted)
  3. Wait for notification of approval prior to making a purchase

We are normally able to process tax-exempt requests within 3 business days. ALL ORDERS PLACED PRIOR TO TAX-EXEMPT STATUS ON OUR SITE BEING APPROVED WILL BE SUBJECT TO APPLICABLE SALES TAX.

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